5 Must-have Shirt styles from Sundarbanns to own your Fashion game

When it comes to style - It may take you years to figure out and develop your own signature style of Fashion. Slowly building your wardrobe around essential and minimal clothing pieces is recommended - the most important focus being on your Shirts! 

Investing in good quality shirts that will last you a long time is essential - while also making sure that these pieces can be mixed and matched with a variety of other styles. Sundarbanns has curated a fantastic line of Classic Oxfords and Minimal Dress Shirts in a variety of colors and styles - so that you can confidently build your essentials wardrobe. Let's take a look at 5 of our favorite Shirt styles for you to try right now!

1. Classic Oxford Shirts

Owning a good collection of the classic Oxford Cloth Button Down shirts is the first step toward building your staple wardrobe. Made from Premium Oxford fabric, our Oxford shirts are stylish, sustainable, and comfortable to wear. Offering just the right fit and minimal design, our collection has a variety of neutral shades like whites, blues, greys and pastels - that work so well with everything.

Some of our favorites are Trench Stripe Shirt, Dawn Lilac Cotton Oxford Shirt, and Pacific Blue Oxford Cotton Solid Shirt.







2. Minimal Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts are so essential and having a decent collection of these in your wardrobe is recommended. When compared to Oxfords these are more suitable for formal settings and work-related events. With the right fit and elements - a dress shirt can be so effective and stylish.

Our top picks to match your formal commitments are Arctic White Cotton Oxford Solid Shirt and Ryder Sky Blue Stripe Shirt.








3. Blended Fabrics for Comfort 

We all love Cotton shirts but textile innovation has given birth to so many unique blended fabrics. It's good to switch it up from your goto cotton shirts every now and then. Blended fabrics like nylon and rayon are IN - as they ensure cool comfort throughout the day, owing to their lightweight nature and stretchy fibers.

Our bestsellers include Cargo Olive Knit Shirt, Vision Maroon Knit Shirt and Ocean Navy Knit Shirt.









4. Mandarin collared shirts

Stray away from the classic collared shirts and give Mandarin collared shirts a go. The Mandarin collar is back in trend to give Men’s shirts a stylish twist. Think of the Mandarin collar as a more minimalist approach to the semi-formal or casual dress code - with a nod to Eastern culture rather than Western.

Dare to experiment with our fresh designs like Medic Blue Solid Shirt, Pisa Stripe Shirt and Eco Sage Green Solid Shirt.








5. Neutral shades

A neutral color palette is so essential in maintaining a balanced and elegant look in your wardrobe. These colors have a minimal yet classic appeal and work very well with each other or with any other color out there.

You will love our neutral favorites like Desert Sand Textured Shirt, Glacier Seersucker Cotton Shirt and Sage Green Oxford Cotton Solid Shirt.







Whether you are naturally inclined towards fashion or not, building an effortless and timeless wardrobe with a good variety of classic shirts is a must! Discover Sundarbanns fantastic range of Minimalist shirts to up your style quotient now!