5 Reasons why Comfort in Clothing is so essential for The Modern Man

A vast majority of Men will agree that the first thing they look for when shopping for clothes is not Style but Comfort. It's not about what we wear but how we wear it that defines our sense of Fashion and confidence. Dressing for comfort has always been a priority for the Modern Man and most fashion brands also recognize this need. 

So how does one judge a garment's comfort level? We have broken them down into 5 main aspects to understand why comfort in clothing is so important according to a Man. 

1. Design

While most Men prefer comfortable clothing, that doesn't mean that one cannot be comfortably stylish. Design plays such an integral role in this process - Clothing design is what first attracts a customer to the garment. Men who are not particularly into fashion trends look for clothing that has minimal design quality and attention to craftsmanship. 

Something that is understated yet classic and well balanced on the comfort level will always be preferred in design.








2. Fabric

Fabrics are one of the most important contributing factors to the comfort level of a garment. A fabric might look aesthetically attractive to the eyes but cannot guarantee its comfort potential. How a fabric looks and feels on our skin is what determines its comfort value. 

With the ongoing textile innovation, so many new kinds of blended fabrics have emerged in Men’s fashion. Fabrics that are lightweight and feel like second skin are guaranteed to give the wearer all-day comfort.








3. Fitting

The way a garment fits will either make or break the outfit. Men who prefer well-fitted clothing will also ensure that they are comfortable in it. If a piece of clothing is too tight or too loose for their liking, they will most probably not buy it. Other fitting issues may include tight or small armholes, ill-fitting sleeves and waistline issues.

So it is the responsibility of clothing brands to pay attention to fitting and sizing issues so that their customers feel comfortable and confident all day. 






4. Breathability

Many Fashion Brands are prioritizing comfort by using Breathable clothing designs and fabrics. Using Moisture wicking fabrics helps keep you dry by quickly evaporating sweat and ensuring comfort for the wearer.

Breathable fabrics like cotton blends and spandex materials with moisture finish give customers the level of comfort and functionality they desire.








5. Sustainability

With the recent shift to making environmentally conscious clothing choices, Slow Fashion has taken a center stage. Many brands are now offering sustainable fashion choices that promote better quality products that will last longer. Clothes made from sustainable fabrics that are organic and recycled, ensure longer shelf life and lasting comfort for the wearer.

Going for timeless designs that work for all seasons and ensure comfort is a good way to get started on your slow fashion journey.





Whether we dress for comfort or style, the clothes we wear define us. The Modern Man knows what's best for him and always takes informed decisions. Keeping the needs of the Modern Man in mind, Sundarbanns has created a line of elegant shirts for all occasions. From Casual wear to Formals, to quirky Prints and relaxing fits - we have something for everyone only at Sundarbanns, where your Comfort is key