Men's Style Tips - How to make the Smart casual dress code work for you?

Dress codes have become the norm when it comes to dressing up for formal occasions and events. It is relatively easy to dress up formally for workwear or even casually for more relaxed settings. However when it comes to the Smart Casual dress code, one has to take a moment to figure out what to wear? What is it about this dress code that makes it so confusing to follow? 

Let’s break down this dress code by understanding what it means and what styling tips one should keep in mind when following it.

What does the Smart Casual Dress code mean?

The best way to describe the Smart Casual dress code is “Elevated Casualwear” - to style a smart piece of clothing with something more casual and combine the best of both worlds. For example, pairing a classy collared shirt with a smart-looking jacket and trousers or jeans. The key to nailing this dress code is to keep it simple, effortless and polished - by pairing pieces of clothing from your casual and formal wardrobe together in a way that they look neat and well-balanced. 

Here are a few Styling tips you can follow to nail the Smart Casual look:


1. Say Yes to Neutrals!

Blues and Whites are absolutely preferred when dressing up smart casual. We recommend also sticking to neutral complementary colors in your outfit. If you are choosing the bottom wear as a solid dark color then go for a neutral color like white, beige, nude or grey as upper wear. Match tones like grey with blues and whites, or try earthy tones like browns and greens. You want the color tones of your outfit to steer towards elegance and not anything over the top. 

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2. Good Ol’ Oxfords

You just cannot go wrong with the classic Oxford button down Shirt. A more informal take on the traditional collared shirt, the Oxford shirt is versatile and totally appropriate for smart casual. Tucked in, it can be worn formally with chinos or trousers – but leave it untucked and it will give you the relaxed feel required for casual events. Whether you opt for solid neutrals or choose to play with brighter tones, make sure that your shirt is well-fitted to give you that smart casual look. 

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3. Layer your looks! 

If you’re ever in doubt about smart casual, always dress more formally than casually. While pairing an Oxford shirt with casual jeans or chinos might be effective, it still doesn't give the full desired effect to qualify as smart casual. We recommend layering your shirt with an informal jacket or semi-casual blazer - something that will elevate your casual look to a more formal one. Pay attention to the fitting of the overall outfit and the balance in the color tones. 

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4. Dress Code Friendly! 

Dress according to the occasion - smart casual settings are usually laid back but require a certain amount of formality. Each occasion differs from the other depending on whether it is more formal or casual in nature - something that you would wear for a smart casual work meeting might not work for a smart casual meetup with friends. Since there is no specific style of dressing in this genre, one is open to taking some liberties. We recommend investing in good-quality clothing pieces that serve more than one occasion.

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5. Keep it simple! 

The objective of the smart casual dress code is to keep it minimal while looking smart and polished. Details are key but don't let trends dominate your fashion style. If you're having a hard time figuring it out then just keep things simple. Start by wearing something comfortable and casual like a shirt with a pair of denim - add a smart blazer or informal jacket on top with some polished shoes instead of your sneakers and you're all sorted!

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The Smart Casual dress code is all about mixing it up while owning your style! Follow these simple tips and easily seize the Smart Casual look for your next formal or casual event. Shop our Favorite statement formal shirts only from Sundarbanns!