Say Yes to Colors in Style! With Sundarbanns Vibrant range of Colorful Shirts

Neutral colors will always be a safe go-to option for Men when getting dressed since it is so easy to build a look around the safe neutral colors of black, white and grey. However long gone are the days when a man only had to stick to safe muted colors in their wardrobe. Experimenting with colors in Men’s fashion is so in and when done right is a total Game changer!

Refresh your style by incorporating Colors in your wardrobe  - you can go all out with colors or start slow by building on basic neutrals with small pops of contrasting colors. And with Summer already upon us now is the perfect time to experiment. Let's look at some easy ways to add some Color to your Life.


 1. Fresh Pastels

Neutrals will always remain a wardrobe staple and to shift from them can be difficult at first. If you’re someone new to experimenting with color - we would suggest starting with softer Pastels. These gentle shades are so fresh and easy to adopt into your wardrobe. Pair a pastel shirt with neutral colored or darker colored pants and you're good to go. The key is to keep it simple and neat.

Some of our favorite Pastel shirts from Sundarbanns include Sage Green Oxford Cotton Solid ShirtDelta Blue Knit Shirt, Hamlin Lavender Plain Shirt and Dawn Lilac Cotton Oxford Shirt among others. 








 2. Pinks and Reds

If you still think that Pinks and Reds are feminine colors, you need to think again. It's time for men to Embrace these colors when dressing as they are so in trend and pair well with other neutral colors like white, brown and blue. While Red is bold enough to stand out on its own, Pink is a much more understated and experiment-friendly choice. You can style a pink shirt with a blue suit, or dark denim or grey trousers - the choices are plenty!

Our Sundarbanns collection has a variety of Pinks and Reds like Coral Red Cotton Oxford Solid Shirt, Flame Pink Knit Shirt, Plato Pink Knit Shirt, Vision Maroon Knit Shirt and the Rage Stripe Shirt.







 3. Earthy Tones 

It is preferred to build your wardrobe around neutral colors and then step into the world of colorful fashion. Whites, blues, blacks and greys are all safe ground. A step ahead of them would be to pick Earthy tones like beige, brown, burnt orange and dull green. You may already have these tones in your wardrobe - Pair them with blues for a complementary pop, or match them with other earthy tones for a stylish and polished look.

The modest earthy tones will never let you down. Check out some of our favorites like Burnt Orange Slim Fit Knit Shirt, Rocky Brown Stripe Shirt, Rust Stripes Resort Fit Casual Shirt, Cargo Olive Knit Shirt and the Desert Sand Textured Shirt







 4. Mellow Yellow

Most Men find Yellow a difficult color to work with and hence avoid it all together. This doesn't have to be the case. Try pairing Yellow with blues and greys to stay in the safe zone of fashion. A yellow shirt works so well with dark denim or chinos. The key is to pick a shade of yellow that suits your complexion. Also, use yellow very sparingly in your look so as not to overdo it. 

Our favorite Yellow shirts from Sundarbanns are Chrome Yellow Knit Shirt, Citrus Yellow Cotton Oxford Solid Shirt and Vegan Yellow Solid Shirt








 5. Colorful stripes

Another safe way of adding more color to your looks is to opt for neutral color shirts with colorful stripes. Stripes are a good way to create a contrasting play between two or more shades that not only look good together but also give a balanced look to the wearer. You can pair a colorful striped shirt with neutrals like black or blue denim or trousers. 

Stripe shirts work well in both formal and casual settings. Some of our colorful stripe shirts that you can try are Trench Stripe Shirt, Variable Stripe Casual Shirt, Tokyo Stripe Shirt and Track Red & White Stripe Shirt







Colors have the power to change your mood and emote feelings. Instead of blindly playing with colors that you like, understand which color palette best suits your skin complexion and also your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Sundarbanns vibrant range of colorful shirts -  where we have a color for all your moods!