About Us



Sundarbanns focuses on Premium Menswear with unique, High-Quality Craftsmanship.

The inspiration came from the well-known Bengal Tiger of the Sundarbans, Coastal Mangrove forest situated on India & Bangladesh Border. 

Spread over India and Bangladesh, the Sundarbans delta is the only Mangrove forest in the world inhabited by Tigers. 

Through conscious efforts made by the concerned authorities, the population of tigers in the Sundarbans has been restored and continuously improving that was devastated due to hunting and poaching. Similarly, Fast Fashion influences the population to shop more than what they need and ruining our Environment through producing more by exploiting our limited natural resources. It’s time to make conscious choices.



To influence people towards buying less but buying premium. Introducing the highest quality possible fabric that feels good and is also long-lasting.

Why do we need to shop more and more when we can just buy what we need?